Dysart New Developments

Posted by keith on 2006/11/25 11:05:25
Strange things are happening in Dysart.

There are a number of projects on the go, all of which are designed to visually improve Dysart and provide better amenities. Some new housing developments are planned, but most obvious at the moment is the installation of a number of Art Projects. The first of these to go up is a collection of tall wooden pillars beside the harbour. They first appeared about two weeks ago and last week they were painted in various shades of grey and powder blue. White chips have now been delivered and presumably will be spread out around the base. I attach two photos below; one before they were painted, and the other as they appeared on Friday. I will add more as things progress.

How long they will last is anyones guess, since recently there have been a number of incidents of vandalism around the harbour area with some boats being damaged and bench seats being ripped out and thrown into the sea. One was later recovered on the beach further along the coast.

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Re: Dysart New Developments

Posted by Annie on 2006/11/27 2:59:19
Hi Keith thank you for those nice photos, what are pillars suppose to be, it looks rather odd to just put them up for no reason, maybe time will tell. It seems there are thugs everywhere, just the other week someone set fire to a new play park for the kids, who were really enjoying playing on all the new geer, but thanks to some louts they no longer can do that, as far as I know no one has yet be caught for doing this. I wonder what is in their heads, what pleasure they get from destroying those sorts of things. I guess it will soon be time for the decorations to go up in the town, I hope they really go to town this year and put up lots and Christmas trees.

Re: Dysart New Developments

Posted by keith on 2006/11/28 13:29:51
Hi Annie,
I am afraid I know very little about this at the present time. I was aware that some art projects were going to be installed (5 if I remember correctly) because there was a stand at last summer's Dysart Gala by the Dysart Development group. When these pillars started going up, I remembered seing a sketch on that stand. Another piece is to be a large mural on the wall beside the playpark at the Kirkcaldy end of Dysart. Not sure what or where the others are to be.

Hopefully there will be a plaque or something once the works are completed. There will probably also be some publicity in the Fife Free Press once they are all in place. The best guess at the moment is that they represent ships masts - but why square and not round? and one of them looks as if it has had a bite out of the top!

Maybe someone else knows more or can make a better guess what they represent.

Bye for now . . .

Update on Dysart Art Installations

Posted by keith on 2006/12/1 17:01:35
I went walk-a-bout in Dysart with my camera this morning. Whilst down at the harbour, I spotted what looked like a very narrow set of goal-posts painted in the same powder blue as the pillars at the harbour, but sutuated at the edge of Ravenscraig Park overlooking the harbour.

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Re: Update on Dysart Art Installations

Posted by keith on 2006/12/1 17:05:58
On closer inspection, I found that they were part of this new art initiative. An engraved sandstone plaque declared it to be called "Dappled With Shade". Two new saplings had been planted either side of it to provide the predicted shade.

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Dappled With Shade

Posted by keith on 2006/12/1 17:11:24
I then deduced that maybe the "goalposts" were intended to frame the pillars/masts being erected at the harbour. Unfortunately, the view from the path did not allow this. Maybe the path will be realigned in future? Anyway, the only way to view the harbour structures through the 'goalposts' was to stand on a pile of rotting logs. Picking a stable moment between wobbles, I managed to take this picture.

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Sprinkled With Light

Posted by keith on 2006/12/1 17:16:29
Just below the 'goalposts', an elongated letterbox shape has been cut out of the railings at child's-eye height. This gives a similar view out over the harbour installation. In the wall opposite, is a carved sandstone plaque declaring "Sprinkled With Light"

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