Re: More Winter Solstice at Dysart

Posted by Annie on 2006/12/24 15:54:32
Hi Keith, the photos are great as usual, I like to see what the sky looks like and it is nice to see the sun shinning and they are so clear, I like to see the sun shining back home, has there been any snow yet?, although we don't live a great distance from the sea, it is not like living right at the sea like I did in Dysart. Thank you again and have a great Christmas don't over do the eating etc. Ann

Re: More Winter Solstice at Dysart

Posted by keith on 2006/12/31 14:01:36
No snow yet. In fact we have had remarkably few frosts either. It has been an unusually mild autumn altogether and plants that should have been killed off by frosts months ago are still flowering. There are still blue flowers of lobelia in my border and a neighbour has roses in bloom. Another strange event is the disappearance of garden birds. During the summer I was getting flocks of sparrows numbering over 40 and was refilling the bird-seed feeder three times a day. By the end of October I was seeing a max of 8 birds at a time and now rarely see anything at all. The feeder lasts all week without needing to be refilled. I was also getting visits from a pair of sparrow-hawks but I don't think that is the whole answer.

Happy New Year - just two hours to go now and the weather is near gale-force wind and driving rain. Glasgow has alredy cancelled their official celebrations.

That is the closest smiley I can find to toast you all with a whisky.

End of Phase 1

Posted by keith on 2007/1/5 14:30:38
It is official. Phase 1 has now officially ended and a sign declaring it has been erected beside the 'Sea Beams' structure. I am now off on a safari hunt for the elusive Phase 2 that was last seen on the back of a lorry way back in 2006 and is only known from a few rare museum specimens. I already have my suspicions about one spot which I have staked out. Keep checking back for further updates. . .

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Watch this space . . .

Posted by keith on 2007/1/11 6:58:45
Just before Christmas I spotted a concrete base being laid at the top of Edington Place where the coastal path heads out past the Frances Pit. What will it be for?

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Re: Watch this space . . .

Posted by fifepublicit on 2007/1/14 6:53:19
Hi folks, re Dysart artworks etc. The structure Keith mentioned at Edington Place is to be one of five interpretation boards on Dysart's new tourist trail. Trail will be launched beginning of Feb, and there will be markers on the pavement to encourage folk to walk round and look at the historic buildings etc. This will be accompanied by three little booklets (free! to be picked up at the Harbourmaster's House): Town Trail, Dysart's Past, and children's leaflet.
The Sea Beams (which have unfortunately already been graffitied) are supposed to represent the tall masts of the ships which came into Dysart harbour, and the colours are the changing colours of the sea. The mural on Dysart Kirk wall is shadows of leaves to represent the tree on the Dysart Burgh Arms. The viewpoint above the Harbour is...well best left to someone else to explain! From: Adopted Fifer

Re: Watch this space . . .

Posted by Annie on 2007/1/17 22:46:30
It must be catching, I noticed these poles the other day and it brought to mind the poles in Dysart, I thought I must take my camera and take a picture of them, but lo and behold in the local paper today look what we have, I just had to let you see this Keith, and look at the price tag.

Re: Watch this space . . .

Posted by keith on 2007/1/19 15:40:05
Hi fifepublicit (sic),

Welcome to the KirkcaldyBook forums and your first post. I hope we don't have to wait quite as long for your second post?

Thank you for your input on the Dysart developments and I will look out for the leaflets at the Harbourmaster's house in the near future. I have now seen some of those tourist trail markers and two have already gained graffiti even before the information board is affixed to the stone.

The information you gave about the sea beams was useful and confirms what I read posted elsewhere on the internet by someone called Dysartian.

Hi Ann,
At least it wasn't your taxes paying for those signs but I expect your signs will be seen by many more people than the artworks here. Yours are situated beside the main roads. I have been surprised how many people (even amongst Art Club members) are unaware of the Dysart Artworks even though they have featured in the Fife Free Press.

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