Posted by keith on 2007/2/14 14:54:22
Recently I have noticed some more graffiti on the pavements and paths of Dysart. Yellow crosses appeared here and there around Dysart - just mundane X's, nothing at all like the standard of Banksy! Next, someone made holes at the centre of each cross - buried treasure maybe? - no chance. Small brass discs have been set into the surface - so small in fact, that once the yellow paint wears off, nobody is going to be aware of them.

By the way, Dysart Town Trail is now officially open and as fifepublicit (sic) pointed out a few weeks ago, five information points have been erected. One is shown below.

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The final part of Dysart Art Project

Posted by keith on 2007/3/23 15:05:38

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Re: The final part of Dysart Art Project

Posted by keith on 2007/3/23 15:09:51
Now if you find these cryptic clues difficult, then just get a little bird to tell you the answer. How will they know? The answers are painted on the back wall inside each box and is visible through the opening of those boxes with larger holes. Here is one to get you started:

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Re: The final part of Dysart Art Project

Posted by Annie on 2007/3/28 19:53:07
Hi Keith, thank you for the new pictures, I do hope that all the work they have done will prove to be worth while and people make use of all the new things they have done and enjoy the walks etc.. Now that spring is in the air and hopefully the weather will be nice for walks.Maybe I will get the cnace to have a walk there myself. I am working on the sitting bit, it is still a bit hard and I am not to sit to much as yet. I hope you are enjoying your retirement, once the weather is better you will be able to get out more. As always thank you for taking the time to post the photos for everyone. Ann

Update on the Dysart Art Project

Posted by keith on 2007/11/8 14:11:28
Just to bring you up to date . . .

The Dysart Artworks have been given a 'Saltire Award'.

According to today's Fife Free Press, the artworks have won a prestigious architecture award in the 'Arts and Crafts in Architecture' section. This aims to recognise works of art which enhance or enrich Scottish buildings. Judges described the works as "Impressive and dignified".

Photos of Dysart (and Kirkcaldy?) on the FlickR Website

Posted by Dysartian on 2008/1/4 9:46:34
Hi I'm a new member who is referred to as Dysartian in one of Keith's posts. For the sake of consistency I'll post on here as Dysartian. I now live in Dysart after a 30 year absence, but actually lived in the pre-fabs on the Gallatown/Dysart border (no border guards were ever present) but went to Dysart Primary and Viewforth. I now live down by the shore near Dysart's historic harbour. I am proud of our local history and post many photos of old buildings and views of Dysart beach/harbour on the (free) photosharing website FlickR. Please feel free to access my photos, but if you use them as several local websites have done, please have the courtesy to acknowledge where where they came from. I look forward to Keith discovering Dysart Artworks Phase 2 because I am damned if I know what they will be!

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