Posted by Annie on 2005/6/27 21:29:08
Hi to one and all, just to let you know that I am still in the land of the living, sorry but I have been sick and also having problems with my knees, seems like new ones will be required at some stage. I have had problems bending them so sitting at the computer has been very difficult and very painful . I will do my best to answer all posts and say hello to all new people who have joined the forum, and to all other I say thank you for your patience. Regards Ann.


Posted by Kdylass on 2005/7/1 2:58:15
Hi Ann
So sorry to hear that you're having a hard time just now. Have you tried putting your computer on a high surface? Just kidding, but I seriously considered that a while ago when I was having a problem sitting (a bruised coxyx, but we won't go into that)
It is very frustrating when you realise that you just can't do as much as you would like to. I look out on my garden, which is at almost a 45 degree slope, and I know there is so much I should be doing (feeding, weeding, putting down mulch etc), but just don't feel up to it. I wonder if it is more of an unwillingness rather than disablement?
Please do not feel that you have to answer this, I know you'll have read it and that's enough for me
Take care of yourself,


Posted by Annie on 2005/7/1 5:14:28
Hello Janice, thank you for your kind thoughtsyou are so right you feel so restricted and it gets me annoyed. I love gardening but since I had my spinal operation, I am no longer allowed to bend, so I have started putting plants in pots that I can reach which is not the same as gardening, the drought we are having is not doing the gardens any good and so many plants and trees are dying.
I should get the results of my xrays tomorrow. I hope you are feeling better sore backs are no good. Does your garden look just as pretty as the pictures you posted, and how is the cat doing?. My cat does not like the rain or the cold weather and just stays indoors as much as she can, she would not be any good in Scotland, I would never get her outside. Our visitors from home did not want to go home they liked it here and are planning another trip or maybe to stay for good, it was so nice to talk to them and get all the news from home. Will have a wee break and talk to you soon. Thank you Ann.


Posted by hamish on 2005/7/19 22:53:53
Hamish here, back from the dead...

The Photo Gallery is working for everyone now, and annie has started with some holiday snaps..

You can change the way you view the pics, so if you are using say a dial up connection and don't want to download the BIG pics you can size them down to say 400 so they pop up a bit faster etc.

Let me know if there are any problems..


Posted by keith on 2005/7/21 16:09:19
Hi Hamish, It is good to see the site is still developing. I took a look at the gallery and have a question or two.

Is this section available for all members to include their own albums?

If so, then how does one go about it? There are no 'create' buttons, tabs or icons.

I notice that the gallery section is 'members only' so I assume the intention is for members to be able to create albums and upload images - but we are all left wondering "How?"


Posted by hamish on 2005/7/21 17:47:10
Greetings Keith,

Thanks for your valid comments/questions.

I guess it was unfair of me to expect that every member had the Photo Gallery instructions tatooed under their eyelids at birth :)

Yes, the Gallery was certainly intended for use by Members, but I hadn't quite reached the point of allowing Members to create their own galleries yet.

HOWEVER, that you bring it up, here is how we need to do it for the time being.

If any user would like to have their own Photo Gallery, please just let me, Hamish, know and I'll set it up for you. Once created you can control it as you wish.

At a later stage members will be able to 'create' their own galleries, but for security and other reasons that is not yet available.

I will be sure to respond quickly for anyone who asks for this to be enabled.

We'll start with you Keith.. I will creat your gallery shortly after submitting this post and you can let us know if the system works as it should.

Finally, the KBook 'development' is indirectly linked to that of the XOOPS CMS engine, which probably means nothing to anyone here, so I'll quickly explain. The 'software' or computer code that allows all the parts of the Kirkcaldy Book web site to interact is based on XOOPS Content Management System. As with most CMS this is developed and maintained by a large group of people from all over the world. I was concerned that even though XOOPS presented the best solution for this web site, that it may have been falling behind in certain respects and so I decided to wait a little while before adding more functionality, in case it became prudent to change over to one of the other systems, like Mambo for example. So far I haven't reached that decision, and as this is currently a non-commercial, non-profit, labour of love I figured it was the best time to watch the various options before going hell for leather. I just hate doing a lot of work to find out that it's all wasted, if you know what I mean.

Anyway.. I hope that some members will start a gallery as we seem to have a couple of star shutterbugs here..

Cheers for now!


Posted by keith on 2005/7/23 3:47:08
Thanks Hamish. I tried out the new gallery with some 3yr old photos. Yes I succeeded, but not without problems. I will e-mail you the details.

The 13 pictures now added to the gallery were taken in Sydney in July 2002 during a 3-day stopover.

I have recently taken some views of the new harbour developments in Kirkcaldy. I will post these once I have done some computer processing on them. That may take a while because some friends from Tasmania are arriving this afternoon and staying for a month.

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