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Posted by Annie on 2005/5/31 23:42:22
Hi Kdylass, how are you I love your sense of humour, I always have a giggle when I read your posts, sorry about calling you by the wrong name, I followed Betty as I thought she must have known your name and as I was just sneaking a few minutes while my visitors were here I was rushing.
To get back to the best holiday, well mine has to be up on the Whitsundays and the great barrier reef, the water up there is like bath water, and clear you can see to the bottom, and when you go in the glass bottom boat you can see all the coral, and the fish are all colours, it is like a paradise you could just forget the rest of the world and live there for good,I will look out some photos we took while on holiday and post them.
I am taking a wee while to get back to normal plus I have got the cold and that is not helping.
Well to day is the first day of winter for us, and I see the weather is still not to hot back home, I do hope you get some really nice warm days.
We are still having a problem with no rain or almost no rain, we are getting new water restrictions in a few days where we will only be able to water our garden 2 days per week, and we are being asked to cut at least 1 minute of our showers .
I am sure there are lots more people who have great holidays to tell us about, so lets hear from you.

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Posted by Annie on 2005/7/2 19:20:21
Hi all over in the home land, well it is holiday time over there so any one got some holiday photos to share with us, or any happy times, there is also a photo gallery on the site for those who would like to put photos, I will look some out as well. Looking forward to seeing some really good and interesting pics.. The kids are on holiday from school right now, the weather has not been great for them but glad of the much needed rain. Ann.

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Posted by Annie on 2005/7/20 1:36:08
Hi folks, just to let you know I have posted some of my holiday photos in the photo gallery, as I have put quite a few in. I hope you will enjoy them, the photos with the fish and the coral where taken through a glass bottom boat, but they have come out well. Will post more later enjoy Ann.

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Posted by Kdylass on 2005/7/25 1:38:45
Oh Ann, the photos of your holiday are bloomin marvelous. I specially liked the ones of the sunset, and the underwater ones, and the ducks, and your hubby. Heh heh, all of them!
Where were you?

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Posted by Annie on 2005/7/25 4:21:21
Glad you like the photos, they were taken while we were on holiday on the Whitsundays up in Queensland on Hayman Island, it is just perfect, the underwater pics were taken from a glass bottom boat and I am surprised at how good they are, what you see is the coral on the Great Barrier reef, the water is so clear, you can swim with the fish and they wait till you feed them. There is a beach that is called Whitehaven beach, and when you go there you are not allowed to take food on to the beach, you are taken so far in the boat and then you get a rubber duckie that take you to the beach and then when it is time for lunch they come back and get you and you have lunch on the boat, the sand is almost white and very clean. If you ever come to Australia for a holiday you would have to visit the reef. I have more pics. I will post some more. Ann.

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Posted by Annie on 2005/8/2 7:37:13
Hi everyone I thought I would post some of the pictures of our holiday in the Whitsundays, the underwater ones are taken from a glass bottom boat and that is the coral reef some of it looks like mushrooms, as you can see the water is very clear.The last pictures are a better view of one of the swimming pools at the resort, this is the big one the other one is not quite as big.

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Posted by jockaroo on 2005/8/20 14:09:13
Hi Everyone

Will try and put my photos on soon, have just been busy. My brother and his wife are coming on Monday so have to tidy up

Love Marjorie

ps: for Keith couldn't spell avery ( I only went to Balwearie not Kirkcaldy High)

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