Eight legged Aussies

Posted by Annie on 2005/7/28 3:58:47
For Fifers flying down under, meet some other residents of Australia!

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Re: Eight legged Aussies

Posted by Annie on 2005/7/28 5:11:47
Just a wee bit of information about our eight legged friends.

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Re: Eight legged Aussies

Posted by Kdylass on 2005/7/28 23:34:16
Now why was it that I decided to remain in Scotland? Ah yes, I remember.

Re: Eight legged Aussies

Posted by bettyboop2544 on 2005/7/31 5:50:54
me tooo, yuk

Re: Eight legged Aussies

Posted by Annie on 2005/7/31 6:40:41
Hi Janice, Betty, I have lived in Australia now for 41 years and the only time I have seen the Funnel Web spider is in a jar or on display, the St.Andrews cross spider weaves a web in the garden in bushes or between trees etc. and it just sits there and very seldom moves,but we do get a rather big hairy spider about the size of the palm of your hand and it comes in the house it sits in the corners of the roof. I have seen the red back but you just have to be carefull not to leaves anything in the garden they can hide in and if you do then you have to be very careful. One thing you never do is leave your shoes lying out side for the spiders to crawl into, that is how a lot of people get bitten.Where my daughter lives she has the Funnel webs in her garden and she has had them in the house. But after saying all that I have never put my feet into shoes that I do not check first.
Perhaps having the sunshine and blue skys and great beaches make up for all the creepy crawleys, but having a can of spray near you is a comfort.( By the way I forgot to mention we have snakes hear as well.)Take care all Ann

Re: Eight legged Aussies

Posted by Melmax on 2005/7/31 23:01:26
Hello guys, at my work we get the Whitetails, Redbacks Wolfspiders, Bananaspiders and the odd Trantulla.

No offence to any Australians but I wish they would all stay home! I have had more scary encounters with Whitetails and Wolfspiders in NZ Auckland than in Australia!

It is part of my job to 'contain' these creatures, as well as other creatures. I tell you stuffing a spider in a little plastic tube is not my idea of fun - I usually hyperventilate, complain the tube is too small and ask one of the men to catch it while I make some excuse about needing to be elswhere. Half of them are frightened of them too!

We captured some (unknown) spidrs with big fangs the otherday. I have been bitten by a wolfspider twice as a little kid - I won't explain what the horrible results were, you would never want to go into the garden again!

I think I might spray the inside of my home like my aunt in Sydney does to keep them out! My motto is stay away from them!

Re: Eight legged Aussies

Posted by Annie on 2005/8/1 1:14:25
Hi Melissa, what kind of job do you do that you have to put them in jars?, glad it is not me, some time they put all those spiders on display in the shopping centers, (not live ones)and thats how I like it. I also spray round the doors and windows to help deter them coming in the house, the big furry ones seem to manage to still get in and I am told they will not hurt you I till take no chances, I quickly show them the door on the end of a brush. Have you found out yet what the new spider is?.Talk about having the creeps yuk and yuk. I am now going to crawl away and have some tea. Ann

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