Eight legged Brits

Posted by keith on 2006/11/17 15:31:32
I thought I would just let you see that you don't have all the fun with spiders down there in Oz. This story appeared in today's Daily Telegraph and now these arachnids are on the march northwards. Anyone like to bet how long it will be before they reach the Scottish border?

The text of the article is enlarged beneath the reduced image of the whole piece.

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Re: Eight legged Brits

Posted by Annie on 2006/11/18 19:04:19
Hi Keith, wow this sister looks very nasty, it is the shape of the redback spider we have here. I only remember the little spiders we used to get in the bath at home, nothing very big, my father wrote to me from Australia and told me about the spiders as big as the palm of his hand and I thought that is not for me. It seems the weather is going crazy at the moment and affecting plants and animals alike.
We have had bush fire burning in the Blue Mountains and the other day while the fires were out of control the weather went crazy, they had fire snow, and hailstones all in the same day, and snow in othe places as well.
Spring seemed to start of very hot any looking like it was going to be a really hot spring, but we have had 34 degs. one day and the next down to 17 degs., we still need lots more rain to see us through the hot summer they say we are going to have. If the weather gets hot back home I think all the ex-pats will start wandering home again.I hope this nasty spider just keeps away from you guys up North, I am sure a nice cold snap will help deter it. I have taken a photo of a spider I have not seen before but I have not taken it of my camera, will post it as soon as I do. Nice to hear from you Keith, hope you are well.

Re: Eight legged Brits

Posted by Annie on 2006/11/27 2:25:37
Hi Keith, well I have just transfered the pictures, unfortunately my camera has had to go back to Nikon, I was trying to take some pictures yesterday and it went rather funny like a water colour painting that had to much water on it and run, it seems that there is a fault in the camera and people are taking them back, so it might be 2 weeks or more before I get it back. I will post the ones I did get, this spider was in my little green house and I do not know what kind it is but will do a bit research. It does not look as nasty as your one Keith.

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Re: Eight legged Brits

Posted by Annie on 2006/12/7 16:40:45
Here is another of the locals who like to visit, this one lives outside my laundry door.

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Re: Eight legged Brits

Posted by Annie on 2007/1/21 2:37:04
Hi here is another 2 eightlegged Aussies, the first one is a stick spider,

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