Re: A nice day, summer on the way

Posted by keith on 2005/5/8 13:47:38
Lovely pictures Betty. You were lucky you managed to get some sunshine - I was out and about on Saturday - nasty black clouds and I just got home before a heavy hail shower. It is a long time since I visited Letham Glen and perhaps it is overdue for me to pay a visit later this year.


bettyboop2544 wrote:
. . . there are no animals or birds there any more due to the European laws, but we did see a few wild ducks and a couple of squirels.

Don't you mean tree-rats? The shortage of animals and birds is probably due to the fact that these vermin feast on eggs, young birds and animals. People judge animals by how cute they look, and not by the amount of harm they do to the ecosystem. In the natural state, all species would exist in an equilibrium, but humans provide havens safe from higher predators where vermin populations can explode, especially when the public provide free food handouts. Would the public feel the same about rats, slugs and wasps?

"Got any spare jam mum? I'm just down to the garden to feed the wasps"

"Where's that lettuce? The slugs are going hungry"

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