Re: A nice day, summer on the way

Posted by Annie on 2005/7/25 4:44:51
I enjoy hearing from you Janice, you make me feel good and I get a laugh. The cat we have is from people who moved into the street a few years ago, and they don't know where she came from, she just made her home with them and when they moved they brought her with them. Then she decided to stay with us and the other people said they did not really want her so she could stay with us and she has an very seldom leaves the garden, I could not have bought a better cat she has a lovely nature. Well for the garden we are trying hard to catch all the water we can when it rains to help save our plants, we have a lot of golden cane palms that we planted not to long ago so we are trying hard not to loose them but like you the weeds seem to grow no matter what. We are also getting a lot of birds we do not usually get due to the drought as the food is scarce for them so we give them bird seed etc. to help them. Look forward to more pics. from you. Ann

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