Re: A nice day, summer on the way

Posted by Annie on 2005/7/31 6:58:05
Janice tell your husband I think your humour is great, and in this day when things get so yuk it is people like you with a great sense of humour that are good to have around, you make us feel good and if growing up means you have to lose that then don't. It is very sad when you lose a cat or dog and you don't know what happened to them, my daughter had a big black cat who always stayed around the yard and he has just gone they have not been able to find him. I like the photo of your cat up on the roof, I have some other pitures to post of other cats I used to have, they say I have a sign on the door strays welcome. We had dozens of the big #OOPS#atoos in the garden to night they are hungry due to the drought and are coming into garden looking for food. Have a great day Ann

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