Re: A nice day, summer on the way

Posted by keith on 2005/7/31 14:43:18
Hi Ann,
I thought Hamish was going to fix those big #OOPS#atoos!

You are right about cats choosing their owners. Some years ago now, I left the door ajar whilst I went for the daily newspaper. I then left for work. Later that morning my wife found a ginger tabby asleep in the bedroom! My wife didn't scare it or anything bad so maybe that was a big mistake, for now it treats us as its reserve home. It transpired that it lived 14 doors down the road. Now whenever it can't get into its own house, It comes and howls/sings at our door to see if we will let it in and particularly if the weather is wet or cold we usually comply. Its owners have just been on holiday for three weeks. They made arrangements for the cat to be fed every lunchtime (garden shed) but the cat is a people cat and craves company so it has hardly been away from us all that time except to get food. It loves to lie on someones lap - any lap will do as long as the owner will tolerate it - it even jumps up on visitors that are unknown to it.
Its real owners are back now so we have seen less of it this week but it still comes for attention now and again.

We have had two cats of our own in the past. One lived to the age of 12 (mother) and the other to 18 (daughter). We have also previosly had a dog (unrelated) but have no pets at present.

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