Re: A nice day, summer on the way

Posted by Annie on 2005/8/1 0:53:51
Hi Keith, the cat we have now did the same thing it must have come inside when we opened the door to go out, and we got the shock of our lives when we found the cat in the house on our return. She did not like the children picking her up all the time and she slept outside at her other home, now it is a bed at the fire an all tucked up, she would not like to live in Scotland it would be to cold for her, she is a sunlover and looks for a place to sit in the sun. When our neighbours go on holiday we look after the animals for them cat, birds and fish, but puss does not like the cat coming in her garden. We have had a few cats and they all lived to a ripe old age one was almost 20 and her kittens lived almost as long. It was hard for them when we moved house getting used to a new place and trying not to lose any of them. It has been a very nice day today clear sky nice sun and quite warm I hope you are getting the same, and enjoying the holidays.

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