Re: recipes to share

Posted by bettyboop2544 on 2007/5/30 6:51:58
Here goes Annie, but no garauntees how everyone elses will turn out, but mine is yummy every time all measurements are in pounds weight not kilos cause I have'nt a clue about metric.


3lb hough (shin of beef) ask for this in one piece as having it sliced wastes a lot.

1 nap bone (nuckle bone, one from the hind leg is preferable as there is more marrow in it).

Put meat and bone in a large pan, cover with water and bring to boil, simmer for four hours, when cooked, use another large pan and strain some of the juice into it so the shredded meat won't dry up, shred and chop all the meat and add to the strained juice, strain all the juice from the first pan to the second, discard the bone, fat and grissle

Salt and white pepper to tast.

fill bowls casserole dishes etc.

leave to cool and set then cover with lids or clingfilm


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