Re: Eight legged Aussies

Posted by Melmax on 2005/7/31 23:01:26
Hello guys, at my work we get the Whitetails, Redbacks Wolfspiders, Bananaspiders and the odd Trantulla.

No offence to any Australians but I wish they would all stay home! I have had more scary encounters with Whitetails and Wolfspiders in NZ Auckland than in Australia!

It is part of my job to 'contain' these creatures, as well as other creatures. I tell you stuffing a spider in a little plastic tube is not my idea of fun - I usually hyperventilate, complain the tube is too small and ask one of the men to catch it while I make some excuse about needing to be elswhere. Half of them are frightened of them too!

We captured some (unknown) spidrs with big fangs the otherday. I have been bitten by a wolfspider twice as a little kid - I won't explain what the horrible results were, you would never want to go into the garden again!

I think I might spray the inside of my home like my aunt in Sydney does to keep them out! My motto is stay away from them!

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