Re: More Winter Solstice at Dysart

Posted by keith on 2006/12/31 14:01:36
No snow yet. In fact we have had remarkably few frosts either. It has been an unusually mild autumn altogether and plants that should have been killed off by frosts months ago are still flowering. There are still blue flowers of lobelia in my border and a neighbour has roses in bloom. Another strange event is the disappearance of garden birds. During the summer I was getting flocks of sparrows numbering over 40 and was refilling the bird-seed feeder three times a day. By the end of October I was seeing a max of 8 birds at a time and now rarely see anything at all. The feeder lasts all week without needing to be refilled. I was also getting visits from a pair of sparrow-hawks but I don't think that is the whole answer.

Happy New Year - just two hours to go now and the weather is near gale-force wind and driving rain. Glasgow has alredy cancelled their official celebrations.

That is the closest smiley I can find to toast you all with a whisky.

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