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Posted by fifepublicit on 2007/1/14 6:53:19
Hi folks, re Dysart artworks etc. The structure Keith mentioned at Edington Place is to be one of five interpretation boards on Dysart's new tourist trail. Trail will be launched beginning of Feb, and there will be markers on the pavement to encourage folk to walk round and look at the historic buildings etc. This will be accompanied by three little booklets (free! to be picked up at the Harbourmaster's House): Town Trail, Dysart's Past, and children's leaflet.
The Sea Beams (which have unfortunately already been graffitied) are supposed to represent the tall masts of the ships which came into Dysart harbour, and the colours are the changing colours of the sea. The mural on Dysart Kirk wall is shadows of leaves to represent the tree on the Dysart Burgh Arms. The viewpoint above the Harbour is...well best left to someone else to explain! From: Adopted Fifer

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