Re: Watch this space . . .

Posted by keith on 2007/1/19 15:40:05
Hi fifepublicit (sic),

Welcome to the KirkcaldyBook forums and your first post. I hope we don't have to wait quite as long for your second post?

Thank you for your input on the Dysart developments and I will look out for the leaflets at the Harbourmaster's house in the near future. I have now seen some of those tourist trail markers and two have already gained graffiti even before the information board is affixed to the stone.

The information you gave about the sea beams was useful and confirms what I read posted elsewhere on the internet by someone called Dysartian.

Hi Ann,
At least it wasn't your taxes paying for those signs but I expect your signs will be seen by many more people than the artworks here. Yours are situated beside the main roads. I have been surprised how many people (even amongst Art Club members) are unaware of the Dysart Artworks even though they have featured in the Fife Free Press.

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