Photos of Dysart (and Kirkcaldy?) on the FlickR Website

Posted by Dysartian on 2008/1/4 9:46:34
Hi I'm a new member who is referred to as Dysartian in one of Keith's posts. For the sake of consistency I'll post on here as Dysartian. I now live in Dysart after a 30 year absence, but actually lived in the pre-fabs on the Gallatown/Dysart border (no border guards were ever present) but went to Dysart Primary and Viewforth. I now live down by the shore near Dysart's historic harbour. I am proud of our local history and post many photos of old buildings and views of Dysart beach/harbour on the (free) photosharing website FlickR. Please feel free to access my photos, but if you use them as several local websites have done, please have the courtesy to acknowledge where where they came from. I look forward to Keith discovering Dysart Artworks Phase 2 because I am damned if I know what they will be!

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