Re: Dysart New Developments

Posted by keith on 2006/11/28 13:29:51
Hi Annie,
I am afraid I know very little about this at the present time. I was aware that some art projects were going to be installed (5 if I remember correctly) because there was a stand at last summer's Dysart Gala by the Dysart Development group. When these pillars started going up, I remembered seing a sketch on that stand. Another piece is to be a large mural on the wall beside the playpark at the Kirkcaldy end of Dysart. Not sure what or where the others are to be.

Hopefully there will be a plaque or something once the works are completed. There will probably also be some publicity in the Fife Free Press once they are all in place. The best guess at the moment is that they represent ships masts - but why square and not round? and one of them looks as if it has had a bite out of the top!

Maybe someone else knows more or can make a better guess what they represent.

Bye for now . . .

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