Re: High views in Dysart, from the top of St Serf's Tower

Posted by Annie on 2005/4/25 19:30:08
Hi Keith,

Once again you have done it, the picture of the harbour is great, seeing it as it is now and how changes have taken place since I used to play there. When I think of what we used to do down at the harbour, because I did not like height I used to lie down and look over the edge to see into the water.

There are quite a few of us Keith that will just love seeing all those places, they bring back so many good memories even if it was during the war.

I thank you Keith for taking the time and making the effort to take such wonderfull photos, I can't tell you how much I really appreciate it. I am glad to see you are mastering the new camera,you are doing well, I am still learning how to work my new cameras'. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more as you can tell.

Well Keith it is 3pm and I am just off to the shops for a few things, it will be around 6 am in Kirkcaldy so I wish you and Marion a very good and safe day.

Many thanks Ann.


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