Re: High views in Dysart, from the top of St Serf's Tower

Posted by Annie on 2005/4/25 19:36:11
Hello Keith,
Just been looking at your photos , which I do quite regularly, It makes me feel not quite so far from home, and I sit and think about all the good times I had there as a child during the war, and we did have fun lots of it, I don't suppose that we as children really knew exactly what was really going on. When my father used to come home on leave before he went overseas, he used to stand his rifle in a corner and tell me not to touch it. Mum and I travelled down to England to be beside him. We were in Westonsupermare the night before it was bombed, they knew what was coming so we all had to get out that night. When we got home my Mum put the news on to hear what had happened and it had been bombed, the hotel we were staying in was gone, people I had got to know were gone. People had run to the beach and as it had been a moonlit night they were all gunned down.
I was very young when that happend but I can remember things from way back then.
The books that Carol McNeill wrote and photos in them are really so good, everyone from Kirkcaldy and Dysart should have one especially those of us who live overseas.
Sorry I seem to have got carried away there, hope no one minds. Has anyone else got some memories they would like to share with us .

I will come back to earth now and go make some tea, all this writing makes one thirsty.

Hope to hear from you soon, Regards Ann.

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