Re: High views in Dysart, from the top of St Serf's Tower

Posted by keith on 2005/4/25 19:56:42

bettyboop2544 wrote:
"Dynamic pages in the (img) tag not allowed"

Betty, Good News and Bad News

Be #OOPS#ured that you are not doing anything wrong, you have just chosen by chance to use a site that cannot be linked to.

Firstly I'll explain briefly what a dynamic page is:
Dynamic web pages are not normal web pages like you or I might upload as part of a home site. Dynamic pages get their content from a database and if the database contents are changed, then the webpage coding changes accordingly - all automatically. This is achieved by using what is called a 'script'. This KDY Book forum itself uses dynamic pages - you can tell that from the .php in the address line at the top of the browser. It lets the page change as every new post is submitted

I don't think dynamic pages in themselves prevent you linking to an image. I believe it is the Host Company that prevents outside websites linking to its images in order to protect its bandwidth (That means that its computers would be helping to run other peoples websites at the Host Company's expense).

I have just now tried including an image from 'Yahoo Photos' where my nephew has posted pictures of his honeymoon. I get the same error message as yourself (Sorry, dynamic pages in the IMG tags are not allowed).

Here is the good news.
I have also just tried linking to a photo on 'Webshots'( and it worked.

I have now removed it from this post because it is not mine and is a copyright image - but it works.

The only difficulty was locating the actual url of the image. I'll tell you how to find it if you choose to use Webshots.

You didn't say what site you were trying to link to for your photo, but whatever it was, it seems to be behaving the same as when I attempted to use Yahoo Photos and you will just have to accept that it won't work there.

If you still can't get it to work then let me know where you have put it (by private email if you don't want it on open forum) and I'll try to help.


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