Re: I tawt I taw a putty tat..., local fauna and flora

Posted by Annie on 2005/4/25 22:39:10
Hello Betty, Glad you like my pics. I like both cats and birds and take care of them both, luckily my cat is not all that interested in the big birds, as far as eating them is concerned and is quite amused by their antics. We can have as many as 9 differnt birds in the garden at one time, almost better to watch than television at times. We have a dog as well,he will chase the birds, if he thinks that they are getting something to eat and he is missing out. We have Magpies that will come and knock on the door to get some mince. At night it is the possums that come calling for food , they get some fruit. They are quite tame and will eat from your hand.
Well Betty it is nice to have your company on the Kirkcaldy Book it is nice to chat, enough for now I better go make some dinner. Ann.


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