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Posted by Annie on 2005/5/1 0:30:30
Hi Lena, welcome to the KB it is great to see so many people from Kirkcaldy posting things they remember from our days in Kirkcaldy, like making the perfume from rose petals etc.... It will be 41 years this month since I left home and I have never been home.

Glad you like my cat and her bird watching, I will post some more, she like to eat with the birds as well, if we feed the birds with mince she has to have some to, the dog also knows that when the birds sing out for food that he has a chance of getting some as well.

Like most gardens at the moment they are not to good and things are not growing to well as the water is still rationed. When it does rain we put buckets out to catch what we can so we can water a bit more. I have a little green house and I have been putting lettuce etc. in pots as it takes less water than watering the whole garden. We are into the last month of Autumn but the weather has been quite warm .

I hope we will chat more and you will be a regular visitor to the KB, if you have any thing you would like us to add to the KB please let us know, all suggestions welcome.

The pics below show how our animals all live together and do not eat each other. The picture a the picture at the end is a wild turkey that wanders around our street and was walking past the house one night, we fed it, and it was quite tame, the dog across the road ran out at it but it held its ground. I will post more later, hope you like them. Ann.

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