Re: your favourite holiday

Posted by Annie on 2005/5/31 23:42:22
Hi Kdylass, how are you I love your sense of humour, I always have a giggle when I read your posts, sorry about calling you by the wrong name, I followed Betty as I thought she must have known your name and as I was just sneaking a few minutes while my visitors were here I was rushing.
To get back to the best holiday, well mine has to be up on the Whitsundays and the great barrier reef, the water up there is like bath water, and clear you can see to the bottom, and when you go in the glass bottom boat you can see all the coral, and the fish are all colours, it is like a paradise you could just forget the rest of the world and live there for good,I will look out some photos we took while on holiday and post them.
I am taking a wee while to get back to normal plus I have got the cold and that is not helping.
Well to day is the first day of winter for us, and I see the weather is still not to hot back home, I do hope you get some really nice warm days.
We are still having a problem with no rain or almost no rain, we are getting new water restrictions in a few days where we will only be able to water our garden 2 days per week, and we are being asked to cut at least 1 minute of our showers .
I am sure there are lots more people who have great holidays to tell us about, so lets hear from you.

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