Re: your favourite holiday

Posted by Annie on 2005/7/25 4:21:21
Glad you like the photos, they were taken while we were on holiday on the Whitsundays up in Queensland on Hayman Island, it is just perfect, the underwater pics were taken from a glass bottom boat and I am surprised at how good they are, what you see is the coral on the Great Barrier reef, the water is so clear, you can swim with the fish and they wait till you feed them. There is a beach that is called Whitehaven beach, and when you go there you are not allowed to take food on to the beach, you are taken so far in the boat and then you get a rubber duckie that take you to the beach and then when it is time for lunch they come back and get you and you have lunch on the boat, the sand is almost white and very clean. If you ever come to Australia for a holiday you would have to visit the reef. I have more pics. I will post some more. Ann.

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