Posted by hamish on 2005/4/27 23:44:38
Hi all,

In this forum we'll keep you informed of what's new and what's coming up and what's work in progress.

We'll also start a 'request' forum so Members can make requests for things they'd like to see on The Kirkcaldy Book web site.

Here's today's summary for Thursday April 28 2005

1. we had a request to upgrade the News section as it only held headlines from The Scotsman news service. I have added a whole bunch of news feeds and over time we can select from hundreds of different topics to suit our Members and visitors.

Click on 'News & Sport' in the Main Menu and you'll now see local Kirkcaldy news headlines as well as The Scotsman and the BBC. In the top menu there are a range of other sections, including a Sports section covering a range of sports eg football, rugby, racing, cricket and more..

2. The free Ads section will shortly include a Business category to help promote local and #OOPS#ociated businesses. We will also develop a whole section to Fife and Scottish businesses and those who have roots here.

3. The 'About KirkcaldyBook' pages will also be completed asap to help Members and visitors navigate the site more easily.

4. The Games, the Photo Gallery and all existing [unfinished] sections will be tidied up and completed asap.

5. There are a few other sections that we will add in, throughout all above, relating to 'Humour and Jokes', 'Recipes and Food' and other topics that interest everyone at some point or another.

Once that lot is done then we are going to spend some time promoting the site to locals and expatriates and our next competition will be for the best Member Article that can be published in the 'KirkcaldyBook Articles' section. We might invoke a voting system for this one, and we will announce the details and prizes in the near future.

I better stop ranting and get on with it then I suppose.. any comments are, as always, very welcome..

ciao for now..

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