Posted by Kdylass on 2005/7/1 2:58:15
Hi Ann
So sorry to hear that you're having a hard time just now. Have you tried putting your computer on a high surface? Just kidding, but I seriously considered that a while ago when I was having a problem sitting (a bruised coxyx, but we won't go into that)
It is very frustrating when you realise that you just can't do as much as you would like to. I look out on my garden, which is at almost a 45 degree slope, and I know there is so much I should be doing (feeding, weeding, putting down mulch etc), but just don't feel up to it. I wonder if it is more of an unwillingness rather than disablement?
Please do not feel that you have to answer this, I know you'll have read it and that's enough for me
Take care of yourself,

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