Posted by Annie on 2005/7/1 5:14:28
Hello Janice, thank you for your kind thoughtsyou are so right you feel so restricted and it gets me annoyed. I love gardening but since I had my spinal operation, I am no longer allowed to bend, so I have started putting plants in pots that I can reach which is not the same as gardening, the drought we are having is not doing the gardens any good and so many plants and trees are dying.
I should get the results of my xrays tomorrow. I hope you are feeling better sore backs are no good. Does your garden look just as pretty as the pictures you posted, and how is the cat doing?. My cat does not like the rain or the cold weather and just stays indoors as much as she can, she would not be any good in Scotland, I would never get her outside. Our visitors from home did not want to go home they liked it here and are planning another trip or maybe to stay for good, it was so nice to talk to them and get all the news from home. Will have a wee break and talk to you soon. Thank you Ann.

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