Posted by hamish on 2005/7/21 17:47:10
Greetings Keith,

Thanks for your valid comments/questions.

I guess it was unfair of me to expect that every member had the Photo Gallery instructions tatooed under their eyelids at birth :)

Yes, the Gallery was certainly intended for use by Members, but I hadn't quite reached the point of allowing Members to create their own galleries yet.

HOWEVER, that you bring it up, here is how we need to do it for the time being.

If any user would like to have their own Photo Gallery, please just let me, Hamish, know and I'll set it up for you. Once created you can control it as you wish.

At a later stage members will be able to 'create' their own galleries, but for security and other reasons that is not yet available.

I will be sure to respond quickly for anyone who asks for this to be enabled.

We'll start with you Keith.. I will creat your gallery shortly after submitting this post and you can let us know if the system works as it should.

Finally, the KBook 'development' is indirectly linked to that of the XOOPS CMS engine, which probably means nothing to anyone here, so I'll quickly explain. The 'software' or computer code that allows all the parts of the Kirkcaldy Book web site to interact is based on XOOPS Content Management System. As with most CMS this is developed and maintained by a large group of people from all over the world. I was concerned that even though XOOPS presented the best solution for this web site, that it may have been falling behind in certain respects and so I decided to wait a little while before adding more functionality, in case it became prudent to change over to one of the other systems, like Mambo for example. So far I haven't reached that decision, and as this is currently a non-commercial, non-profit, labour of love I figured it was the best time to watch the various options before going hell for leather. I just hate doing a lot of work to find out that it's all wasted, if you know what I mean.

Anyway.. I hope that some members will start a gallery as we seem to have a couple of star shutterbugs here..

Cheers for now!

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